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All of our high-end appliances in the entire home come from Trail. When one of them failed (still under manufacturer's warranty), we called Trail for repair.

They sent a technician (Sergiy G.) who was less than excited to attempt repairing the issue. Unfortunately, he said "the problem was huge" and "he wasn't an installer" and "it was serious" he needed to go back, talk to his boss, order some parts. He was way more concerned about the floor and doing any damage than repairing the appliance, so I guess he must have been stung on that before.

And now our endless nightmare begins... They called to rebook and said they received the parts. Then they called to rebook saying they didn't have all the parts and it's "just the way their system works" - if 1 part comes in yet 3 are needed, it says all the parts are there. What $&@$ing type of system is this?

Then all the parts are in (maybe) and they rebook. They need 2 technicians and on the first attempt, they fail to book in 2, so I am left waiting at home and get rebooked again.

Then they no longer have the parts (again). Then they don't know when the parts will come.

The stars finally align, and all the parts arrive and they have 2 technicians. Sergiy G. and his buddy arrive, and they get to work. They make some type of switch, it takes about 1.5 hours, and then I get the bad news. IT IS STILL NOT FIXED. According to Sergiy, now we need another part, and it's very grave. We should take the entire appliance out and it needs to "go to the shop" ie: the appliance hospital. I was like, really?

They leave and I am beyond angry. We speak to a few people at Trail and their only solution is for someone to come and get the appliance and diagnosis it the shop.

THIS IS 7+ WEEKS FROM THE FIRST REQUEST FOR SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So no, we don't really feel like having our high-end appliance pulled out, and bounced down to Annacis Island, only for them to tell us that they can't and won't do anything about it, as it is our fault (they are now suggesting this). Even though they do put some blame on Sergiy G. for misdiagnosing the problem to begin with. No.

Coincidentally, we then called the manufacturer and had told us NEVER CALL TRAIL for repair. They make no money doing a repair that might be slightly more difficult so they'll try to get out of it or do as little as possible. He also said there is virtually never a need to bring an appliance to the shop. He said they won't do a thing for you, so it's best just to call the manufacturer direct. Lesson learned, but here's a more valuable one...

Don't buy your appliances at Trail. Just don't. They don't honour their end of the sales and warranty agreement. Don't give them your hard earned money. They don't deserve it.

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